Aged Care

Australia’s getting older, but the Liberals slashed the budget for the care of our aging population.

In September last year, the ABC’s Four Corners published a deeply troubling story on conditions with Australia’s aged care sector.

As Australia’s population grows, the moral imperative of caring properly for our citizens who have created the society we live in, could never have been more important.

Instead, this Liberal Government slashed $1.2 billion in funding from the aged care sector, making this goal even harder.

Australia's elderly were the generation that built this country and now we’re failing to meet our responsibilities to look after them.

Oliver Yates, Independent candidate said that, if elected he will back any policy that increases the funding of aged care.

“As I have been meeting people on this campaign, I have heard heart breaking stories of people having to give up their jobs to look after their elderly parents, because of delays or unavailability of carers or funding. We need to do better than that in a developed society” said Mr Yates.

And, we need to improve superannuation to ensure that no one is retiring in poverty. For example,  women have typically had to balance their working and family commitments and are now retiring without sufficient superannuation. That must be addressed now.

“The generations who built this country deserve dignity in their retirement. They’ve given our community so much and now they need to be able to retire in a way we would all be proud of."

Will you sign?