Urgent action to address climate change

Transitioning to a cleaner world is more urgent than ever before to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Both major parties have failed to deliver effective national energy policies to guide sector investment, regulation and to achieve the optimum emissions reductions. Failing to act on climate change threatens Australia’s safety, security and prosperity. 

It's about 28 years since the first international report identified carbon emissions as a known threat to the environment and called on governments to act to reduce emissions. Since then, however, global emissions have risen by more than 60 per cent. The current Liberal Government is delaying any real action and encouraging global inaction. As citizens of our only planet, we can't afford that.

As Australia gets predictably hotter and our weather becomes more extreme, my focus will be to reduce carbon emissions from all sources, boost investment in renewable energy, storage  and transmission infrastructure. I will drive solutions where all industry sectors can reduce emissions, yet stay internationally competitive. These actions will deliver environmental and economic benefits well into the future.

The Liberal Party continues to put the interests of the coal and broader fossil fuel industry ahead of just about every other industry and source of employment in Australia. For instance, our tourism industry, which relies on our natural attractions such as the vulnerable Great Barrier Reef and the Tasmanian wilderness; Australia’s agriculture industry, which relies on stable climatic conditions, rain, and healthy rivers; and our fishing industry, which is at risk from ocean acidification; our cities and country towns that face growing threats from fires and crippling droughts - all caused by unnecessary carbon emissions. These are examples of why we need real and urgent climate action now.

We can have the power we want, when we want, without damaging our environment by investing in renewable energy, storage and transmission.

If we had a government that understood and accepted the threat of climate change and embraced the opportunities it presents, Australia could be on the right path, both environmentally and economically. This cannot be left to future generations. I understand the challenges as well as the job - creating economic solutions.

Having spent my career managing and financing investments in energy projects, I have a vision for how Australia could be a renewable energy super power, but only if we stop denying climate change even exists and instead we look at the economic opportunities that new technologies and new solutions could provide.

We need to stop opening new coal mines, like Adani, and accelerate the construction of renewable energy facilities so we can, in a sensible and planned way, close down our aging, unreliable coal-fired power stations and ensure we have a power system that is clean, safe, secure and more affordable - for everyone.

I support:

✔  A long term investable decarbonisation pathway to net zero emissions before 2050

✔  Accelerated transition to renewable energy

✔  An immediate stop to the Adani project

✔  A moratorium on Big Oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight


Will you sign?