A strong and sustainable economy

We need a strong business sector that works in partnership with the rest of society.

I’m standing to restore the balance and remind corporations and CEOs that they exist to act as a collective for the economic interests of the people. They are not above the people and are not there to exploit people or the environment.

Big business seems to believe it operates outside the community and that it doesn't need to be mindful of community needs. CEOs believe that their actions are restricted to increasing shareholder wealth, and that considering the interests of society or the environment are irrelevant unless there is a demonstrated and immediate impact on profits. This needs to change.

There is too much special treatment given to big business. We have corporations seeking to actively avoid paying fair tax; business that squeeze staff unfairly to pay the lowest possible wages; and mining companies and developers who are destroying the environment for profit and leaving harsh environmental legacies. We need a fundamental change to business culture.

We need politicians to be truthful about our economy, the state of unemployment, the deficit and other economic indicators so as to provide true certainty and respect to our business community.

This government claims it has created 1.2 million jobs, when on average those living in Australia have less hours of work than they fundamentally need. They claim that 1 hour a week of work constitutes employed. Instead, we should focus on the level of 'underemployment', where people can’t secure the hours of work they need for a living wage. That's at more than 8 percent of our 'working population'.

They are front-ending expenses in years of deficit so the expense won’t show in a year of promised surplus. That’s misleading, devious and no way to lead our country.

Our nation’s children will demand to know why we’ve left them without public assets, or a safe environment, and lacking adequate plans to deal with our ageing and growing population.

Young people have been sold a lie that the ‘gig economy’ will give them more freedom, but the reality is it’s leaving people unprotected and vulnerable.

Our international trade agreements need to be carefully considered to make sure they truly benefit our economy and society. I will fight to bring greater transparency to the negotiation of international trade deals and to ensure that the economic and social merits of all future deals are independently assessed by the Productivity Commission before the Parliament is asked to vote.

Our country’s economic system is based on profiting from and even selling assets stolen from our First People. I will fight to ensure all Australians live in a country of which we are all proud, and one with the maturity to come to terms with our past.

I support:

✔  Making corporations pay their tax.

✔  Creating secure, well-paying jobs for young people.

✔  Addressing the challenges of our ageing population and our current unsustainable energy sources.

✔  Investing in infrastructure to ensure Melbourne remains the world’s most liveable city.

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