Childcare and education

There’s no simpler way to improve our society for the long term than properly investing in our childcare.

But the costs of childcare for working parents are too high and the pay for childcare educators is too low. Both need to change.

For some parents, it’s too expensive to get back into the workforce, and for the educators, despite studying for years to provide our kids with the best early education, they can’t keep up with the cost of living. Some can’t even afford to live anywhere near the schools that they teach at.

The Labor Party has announced a $4B increase in funding for the early education sector. The Liberal Party has called properly funding childcare “socialism”.

“Education is a basic human right and an opportunity that everyone should have, no matter what circumstances you were born into,” said Mr Yates.

“The Liberal Party’s continual education cuts are damaging our society. We cannot allow our kids, and the people who educate them, to be left behind."

Oliver Yates, if elected, would support the ALP’s childcare funding package.

Will you sign?