How can an independent MP realistically make any difference in parliament?


If Labor wins this election and Josh Frydenberg is re-elected, he would sit as an Opposition Member of Parliament in a senior position. We would then be in the same environmental impasse as we have had for over a decade, with the Liberal party opposing any action to address climate change. We need Independents in this Parliament to bring an end to the climate wars.

Independent Members of Parliament can bring honesty, transparency and integrity to politics. I will be able to work with whatever government of the day and all members of Parliament, to get things done in the best interests of my electorate.

I will be a genuine representative and advocate for the views of the people of Kooyong. I will adopt a straight analytical view to policy. There is no gain to be had by playing party politics.

As a genuine independent, it will be much easier for the government of the day to accept changes or alternative ideas from me, than if I was an Opposition Member of Parliament. I can raise matters early to try and achieve resolution before they manifest as opportunities for political posturing.

Depending on how Parliament forms after the election, my influence could range from pivotal, if the election result is close, to persuasive where I will use my business experience, facts, analysis, advocacy and relationships to influence policy.