How To Vote


The only way to change your representative in Kooyong is to Vote 1  Yates.

Even if you have traditionally voted for a major political party in the past, I am asking that you vote strategically and Vote 1  Yates to have the best chance of voting out Josh Frydenberg.

If you normally vote for the Greens, and you really want to make your vote count, then Vote 1  Yates and Julian Burnside second, as it will give us the best chance of seeing Josh Frydenberg removed. With my business experience, I have a vision for how Australia can capture the economic benefits of transitioning to a renewable energy superpower. I do not support the Adani coal mine because it doesn’t stack up environmentally or financially. I strongly believe that people seeking asylum and protection in Australia should be treated with greater compassion, and have their claims expeditiously assessed in Australia. We need to end the cruelty and suffering of refugees stranded in their application processes.

If you normally vote Labor and are inspired by Jana Stewart, I urge you to consider voting 1  Yates, and Stewart second. I have the greatest respect for Jana Stewart and there are too few indigenous women in Australia’s parliament. However, the best way to remove Josh Frydenberg is to vote strategically with Vote 1  Yates. There is also a chance that a vote for Labor will be a vote for Adani and fracking of the Northern Territory. You can vote for me with comfort that I will demand better hospital and school funding and I will advocate for the interests of working people to ensure we see fair outcomes for all.

If you are a moderate or centrist Liberal and feel unrepresented by the current Liberal Party, then voting 1  Yates and putting Josh Frydenberg lower down the ballot will send a clear message that the Liberal Party needs urgent reform and must return to the moderate centre. I was a long-time member of the Liberal party. In fact, I started campaigning with my father from the age of 10. After many years of unsuccessfully advocating from within the Liberal Party for meaningful action on climate change, I finally resigned from the party. I believe that only electoral defeat for its senior members will trigger any realignment of the Liberal Party to its founding values. We need to make sure that the Liberal Party knows that their entrenched right-wing positions come at a large cost; that their failure to act with integrity on major social issues is unacceptable.

Your vote will send a loud message and make a huge difference to the way the Liberal Party operates in the future. Your protest vote will also deprive the Liberal Party of $2.76 in AEC election funding, which in aggregate will be a significant signal that traditional Liberal voters reject the hard-right popularism that has taken over their party. I will fight for a taxation system that encourages equality of opportunity, but still rewards hard work and success. I am deeply committed to a free market economy that fosters fair and transparent competition.

If you are considering giving your first vote to Clive Palmer’s Australia United Party, please bear in mind that it will effectively be a vote for Josh Frydenberg’s Liberal Party, given their parties’ preference deal swap. To ensure this doesn’t happen, in this circumstance you should give me your second vote and fill in the rest of the ballot paper as you feel fit.

We can restore integrity and leadership in Australian politics, but you must vote strategically.

If I am unable to attract enough first preference votes, the most realistic outcome is that Josh Frydenberg will win.

Vote 1 Yates.