Restoring integrity in politics

Think Independent. We need to restore the integrity and trust in politics. Right now, politics is broken and has become embarrassing. I’m standing to restore integrity to politics. I believe that if more Australians see sensible, experienced individuals seeking office, others will be encouraged to try. We need real people with real life experience to sit in Canberra. We can’t afford another generation of party hacks who believe politics is a game of numbers, slogans and spin.

If we don’t have trust in our politicians, then we have no leadership. And without leadership, we cannot address our country’s challenges. I'm standing for election because that is what I believe one should do when one wants to see change. I believe politics is a vital community service that experienced individuals should undertake during their career. Giving your time and experience back to society is a good thing to do.

We need to address our communities' fair concern that politicians can’t be trusted. The government has refused to introduce an integrity commission, the vast majority of political donations to major parties remain hidden, and politician after politician has let us down.

Australia is a great country and we deserve great leaders. Leaders who are prepared to take on the challenges of the future. Leaders who listen and make decisions in the public interest - not in the interests of donors, factions or their own political expediency.

Australia needs a federal Independent Commission Against Corruption, with real power, to keep our politicians honest. We need a Bill of Rights that ensures that individuals have certain core rights that the whim of governments can't remove. We need political donations reform to stop the unhealthy influence of donations and vested interests. A cap on election expenditure is necessary so that money alone cannot buy your vote. We need reform of the public service so public servants are independently accountable to the people, rather than to their Ministers. Moreover, we need to send our current politicians a message - we demand better.

Currently, your member for Kooyong just tells you the voice of his party in Canberra, often the voice of the far right factions - you don’t have a say. If elected in Kooyong, I will listen and represent your views on policies. I plan to establish a local Community Committee for Kooyong to ensure I represent the aspirations and views of this electorate.

It's vital that Canberra hears the voice of the people through their representative.

I support:

✔  Independent Commission Against Corruption

✔  Political donations reform

✔  Cap on election expenditure

✔  Public service reform

Will you sign?