Integrity Fighting Fund

Oliver Yates ran on a platform to restore integrity in politics in the 2019 Federal election.

Given some of the messaging and behaviour in the election campaign, the need to restore integrity in politics is more important than ever before.

On Election Day, numerous misleading and deceptive signs, authorised by the Liberal Party, were displayed at polling booths across Kooyong. The Liberal Party’s conduct and the AEC’s failure to enforce its own Electoral Act demonstrates a failure of integrity in our democratic system.

Today, you have the opportunity to contribute to the people-powered Code Purple Integrity Fighting Fund, spearheaded by Oliver Yates.


Marque Lawyers will be representing Oliver Yates and the Victorian Greens in taking this matter to the Court of Disputed Returns.

Oliver Yates said, "I couldn’t be more disappointed with the misleading and deceptive conduct by the Liberal Party throughout the entire campaign. The twisted lies that the Liberal Party spread about their opponents through saturation mailouts, these deceitful signs and scurrilous behaviour at polling booths on election day are not the way elections should be conducted in Australia.

"The AEC's indifference to all this and refusal to take any action is also quite staggering.

"The legal action in relation to the misleading signs is an initial opportunity to raise the standard of conduct and draw people’s attention to the need for truthful advertising.

"I will continue to do everything we can to restore integrity in politics. In the aftermath of the election there is growing public interest in improving the way elections are conducted so this doesn’t happen again. Through this legal action, we need to set a precedent for next time."

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