Strategic projects that make a difference

Think Independent. We need to plan and build strategic infrastructure ahead of population growth. Each year, Australia’s cities become more crowded. The government is failing to plan, finance and build the necessary infrastructure ahead of population growth.

Both major parties are too short-term focused, having failed to properly plan for our future, and this threatens our way of life and well-being. We need to plan and have policies to manage this growth. Because this has a significant impact on all Australians there should be a Cabinet position with sole responsibility for population, including working collaboratively with State counterparts. We need to take a long-term view to ensuring we have the right infrastructure for our current and future populations.

Australia can be a more successful multicultural country, but we need to be able to get to work and to school, without being stuck in traffic. Diversity is a strength and we need to encourage diversity in our immigration mix. We need to do immigration better.

We need 20-year and 50-year investment plans for infrastructure - and work needs to start now.

This means Melbourne airport rapid rail, rapid rail to regional centres, more bike paths, and more public transport in cities; policies that encourage people to happily move to regional centres; and most importantly, planning ahead of development so that land for parks, future hospitals/schools/police stations etc and transport corridors are acquired now - well before the land is rezoned, making it more expensive for taxpayers.

Will you sign?