Kooyong Independents Group

Going forward we will be establishing the Kooyong Independents Group. 

We must build on the momentum gained at the Federal election to continue spreading the important message that this country can no longer ignore the urgent need to address the greatest challenge to our safety and security; climate change. As we know, a strong, sustainable economy requires a healthy environment and we all have a personal responsibility to stand up when needed. The Kooyong Independents Group will provide us a voice.

We will be graced with Cathy McGowan as our first speaker at our first forum of this Kooyong Independents Group. Cathy McGowan AO is an Australian politician who was the independent MP for the rural Victorian seat of Indi from the 2013 federal election, when she defeated Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella, until her retirement before the 2019 federal election. Following Cathy McGowan we have a line-up of other impressive speakers including Professor Tim Flannery (one of Australia’s leading writers on climate change and internationally acclaimed scientist) and independent Zali Steggallwho had the historic victory against Tony Abbott in Warringah at this federal election.

This democratic political system needs to be restored. The government is not providing the leadership with integrity that we should expect. The Liberal Party has forgotten their morals and true-blue values. The Kooyong Independents Group is the best place to voice your concerns and to advocate on behalf of our community - not party views, not a faction’s views, and not the views of vested interests, but your views. 

I trust you will want to help maintain the momentum and stay involved in the Kooyong Independents Group. If you are interested in being involved going forward, to ensure our campaign kicks off to a strong start, I am seeking your contribution. Will you chip in?



Will you sign?