Plastics and pollution

Right now, Australia’s consuming way too much, re-using far too little and recycling even less. Even though most people separate their rubbish and put it in the right bins, too much is still going into landfill and ending up in our oceans.

The way we are currently managing our waste is completely unsustainable. We’ve relied on expensive, carbon intensive arrangements of sending our recycling waste all the way around the world. But now that China has increased its own standards, most of our recycling is currently ending up in local landfill.

In order to reduce the impact of waste on our environment there are a range of opportunities we can take:

  • Avoid using so much plastic and other non-biodegradable packaging.

  • Focus on reusing containers and other items.

  • Better education on what can be recycled.

  • Create a domestic recycling industry that will produce recycled materials that can be used here in Australia.

  • And mandate the use of recycled materials in all government procurement.

“It is appalling how we are still using so much plastic and how much waste is being thrown into landfill when we can do so much better,” said Mr Yates.

Will you sign?