Small Business

Small business is a key component of our economy and a major employer of Australians. If elected, I will champion the interests of small business and seek to ensure that they are able to compete on a level playing field.

Small business makes our communities more vibrant and improves the lives of all.  Small businesses need to be able to compete on a more level playing field alongside the big end of town so that everyone can benefit.

One of the biggest reasons small businesses are struggling to compete at the moment is because large multi-national businesses have an unfair advantage though tax avoidance, cheaper labour costs and scale.

Voters in the electorate are saying that their biggest issue is confidence in the economy and policy environment to invest in more machinery, equipment, premises and staff in their businesses.

Our small businesses are the backbone of our society and I have the utmost of respect for their hard work, ingenuity and the  risks they take with their own money to ride the bumps in business cycles. Many businesses are essential in providing the goods and services we need for our society to function. They provide employment, apprenticeships and career opportunities to thousands of people across Australia. We need to look after them.

If elected I will seek to work with small business to give them the confidence and support to prosper, grow to scale, pay competitive wages and provide full-time employment so that all members of our community can benefit.

I would like a review of the discount arrangements that seem to lock in the competitive position of large incumbents and prevent new entrants or small competitors achieving scale. When is a discount for bulk purchase really a discount to retain a nice club and prevent fair competition. I will address this as a matter of priority.

Will you sign?