Why run for Kooyong?


I live in Kew, within the electorate of Kooyong and my family has grown up here. This seat has traditionally been a solid Liberal seat, but I believe many voters have become disappointed in how the Liberal Party has drifted away from its traditional values and, in many cases, to the far right. The Liberal Party’s lack of policy to address climate change and its obsession with coal is a threat to this community and our families. As a former member of the Liberal Party, I have tried to influence the party to change its position, but unfortunately Liberals will not take climate change seriously without the community sending a clear message at the ballot box.

We can’t waste any more time as we continue to face increased frequency and severity of catastrophic climate events. We need both sides of politics to respect the scientific evidence of climate change. We need to establish emissions reduction pathways that ensure our environment is safe and maximizes the economic opportunities that the transition to a cleaner energy future can present for Australians and Australian businesses.